5 Beauty Secrets You Should Be Doing Before Bed

In my line of work, I get asked a lot of questions regarding hair care and beauty and so today I thought I would share 5 tricks that I use to keep my hair and skin in check before hopping into bed!

1.Brush Your Hair Every Night One of the top questions I get asked as a hairstylist is, “How often should I be washing my hair?” It is no secret now that washing your hair everyday is a big no no, but BRUSHING your hair every night is a big yes yes! If you want the honest truth I might wash my hair once a week! Yep I said it, once.a.week. (don’t judge me) but you still need to be stimulating your scalp. If you are someone who does not wash your hair frequently, your hair and scalp are building up with oils and product build up. Why do you think the latest trend in haircare are detox and charcoal sprays and shampoos! Brushing your hair helps to stimulate your hair follicles which helps circulation in the scalp and promotes hair growth and also helps breakup any product you have applied throughout the day. So brush away ladies!

2. Flip Your Pillow Again if you are someone like me who does not wash their hair everyday this is something to keep in mind. All of the oils, product, and impurities that we don’t wash out of our hair daily goes right onto our pillow and can cause blemishes and break outs that no body has time for! I will use one pillow case for a few nights (one on each side) and then replace. I know this seems extreme and who has time to switch their pillow cases that often?! But thanks to Home Goods and amazon (I’ve linked them) you can literally buy a pack of basic pillow cases to have on hand and swap out often.

3. Silk Pillowcase If you have not heard about the benefits of a silk pillowcase I am here to tell you about them! Because we are on a non washing hair trend, this is one more thing to help you get by a few more days! A silk pillow case helps extend the blowout you worked so hard for and also keeps your hair smooth and healthy. It will help with those pesky fly aways caused from breakage and keeps your hair from getting those funky kinks (hello cowlicks ugh). I could also sit here and add, “sleep on your back and don’t let your face get pressed up against your pillow” but umm ya that’s not how I sleep! If you are a lucky one who can do this, bless you but I am a face pressed all up in my pillow kind of girl and because of that I am more susceptible to face wrinkles (wom wom) but silk pillowcases will help with that too! Prices for these can vary but I have linked a few that you can try before you go all in!

4. Wash Your Body Last I keep a brush and a clip in my shower and when I have conditioner in my hair I will brush out the tangles and then after I rinse I will clip it up and out of the way. I used to wash my face and my body while I let my conditioner sit and then rinse everything all at once. Well my skin took a major turn after I had Reese and I was having major breakouts on my face, neck and back. Now I’m sure hormones had a lot to do with that but I started taking every measure to help prevent them. Washing my face and body AFTER I have rinsed my conditioner helps make sure that anything that would be clogging my pores from my heavy conditioner was removed.

5. Wash Your Face With A Washcloth Or Sponge Everyday I am obsessed with these pads and have used them for years. You can also throw them in the washing machine after a few uses. Great for removing makeup while exfoliating your skin without over doing it!

So that’s it friends! I hope that some of these simple tricks help keep your hair and skin feeling beautiful!



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  1. I love my silk pillowcase and I have found its made a huge difference with my hair. I am right there with you with the 1 to maybe 2 times a week hair washing. Dry shampoo has been a close friend with working out and not wanting to wash my hair depending on the rigor of my workout. I might have to order those face washing pads. I love a good trustable product.

    • You will love the cleansing pads! It has totally changed the way my skin absorbs all the goodies I put on my face after I wash it!:) And it just feels so good to really get a good clean, just be gentle while using them! xoxo

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