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So we have been Disney Passholders now since September and are finally getting the swing of things! I would by NO MEANS claim myself as a “Disney Expert” because let me tell you, some people know how to slay them some Disney haha but today I thought I would share what I pack in my bag when I take the little peanut!

This is a list of my essentials so obviously depending on season, weather, etc. I will bring other items as well! Side note: no matter what I would always have ponchos! They are not pictured but I do always have them in the bottom of my stroller because if you aren’t used to Florida, it can turn to rain real quick! I would probably recommend finding some previously from Amazon, Walmart or even the dollar store, otherwise like me, you will be paying a pretty Disney penny for those lovely plastic ponchos 🙂

Most of these items are self explanatory but I will list from left to right!

-Hat- I will wear my Mickey ears for a bit but I am a little crazy about getting sun on my face so I put this on pretty quick.

-Water- I love that you are allowed to bring in your own food and drink to the parks! I fill both Reese and I’s water before we go and then most restaurants have free water, at least on the hot months, that thy offer so I will just fill them up throughout the day.

-Diapers/wipes- duh lol, but I would still bring wipes even if Reese was potty trained (working on it) because I literally use them on EVERYTHING!

-SUNSCREEN SUNSREEN SUNSCREEN- I have seen sooo many poor people out there who are FRIED!! I saw one kid out there the other day who had full blown blisters on his arms 🙁 I use the babyganics on Reese and then I use the Elta MD on my face and the Neutrogena sheen spray (not pictured) on myself.

-Advil, lip gloss, sunnies, disney band, change of clothes for Reese, extra hair ties, hand sanitizer, bandaids and snacks! I usually pack some uncrustables or sandwiches that I make before hand along with the applesauce or really anything that is easy to hand Reese when we are walking around or in line. I keep a few dum dum’s in my backpack too so if we are waiting in line or she’s having a moment I can distract her with that! 🙂

I hope this helps! And please let me know if there is anything that you have in your bag that I need! See ya real soon! 😉


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