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Happy weekend! Is anyone else totally ready for a glass of wine tonight?! I am trying to get back to not drinking during the week and let me tell you, it has been a struggle! I am embarrassed to admit that I count down the days but I do!! So let’s go weekend! Lol 🙂

So as a hair stylist, one of the top questions I get asked is “what hair products should I be using?” This answer can change depending on your hair and also the season and places where you live! Most of my clients are blonde and live in sunny Florida so my tips on products will cater a little more to moisture and sun protection, BUT can be used by anyone, anywhere!

With thousands of amazing products and brands out there, sometimes it takes a little trial and error to find the best product that works for you! Your hair just like your skin is constantly changing so what may have worked for you for years, may not do the same anymore so it is good to switch things up every now and then!


IGK is a great everyday S/C! I have this in my shower and I absolutely LOVE the smell of it! I used Davines products when I used to work in a salon and they are excellent! The NOUNOU is great for damaged hair that needs repair and something you could use every few hair washes and the MOMO is a hydrating and defrizzing product that you can use daily or as needed. These products are very concentrated so a little goes a long way, just keep adding water!

This mask is hands down BOMB! Highly recommend for a once a week treat:) LADIES…..YOU MUST USE A HEAT PROTECTANT! This therapy color protectant spray is a must! (Ps- shake it up before use to activate all the protecting agents)

If my hair feels like it needs some extra TLC I love these leave in products and also smell amazing.

I never used to use an oil after I styled because everything I ever used was too heavy or turned my hair brassy (ewwww) BUT I have found a solution! This oil is light weight and also brightens my blonde, goodbye yellow!!

Last but certainly not least, my Shaper Plus! My all time fav hairspray that is humidity resistant and buildable! I also probably wash my hair once or twice a week so dry shampoo is a must. This one has an amazing scent and has a volumizer in it as well so it doubles as a texture spray. I will actually spray this into clean hair to give it a little life! If you are looking for just a texture spray, I love the OUAI texture spray it seriously smells incredible!

I really could go on and on forever but I don’t want to overwhelm you! I Hope you guys get some use out of these recommendations and as always never hesitant to email or DM me if you ever have questions!

Xoxo, Shelby

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