Tips on taking a toddler to the Orlando Science Center

We had the BEST day visiting the Orlando Science Center this week! I don’t know if I have ever seen Reese so intrigued and excited in her life! I think she is at the perfect age (almost 18 months wah!) to really explore everything that the science center has to offer!! I wanted to share some pictures from the day and also 3 helpful tips for taking a toddler to the science center 🙂

  1. Go on a Monday! We were able to breeze through each floor without a crowd and Reese wasn’t trampled by all of the big kids.
  2. Pack snacks! They do have a concession stand and a Subway in the cafeteria, but Reese isn’t really eating subs yet or candy bars for that matter, so I am glad that I packed some things for her before hand.
  3. Make sure to look up the OSC schedule before you go! They have so many cute shows, demonstrations and movies but they are constantly changing based on the day.  So if you are looking forward to “swamp talk” make sure you don’t miss your chance:)  You can find all of the information/schedules on their website
  4. Bonus (but I’m sure goes without saying) Hand sanitizer!! We were loading our hands with sanitizer because ain’t nobody got time for the germs or the flu!
  5. Double Bonus, Don’t wear a dress! (Insert hand to forehead emoji) It was, let’s say challenging, to chase a toddler around and climb through obstacles and not show everyone mama’s goods! Next time I will put myself and Reese in something easier to play in.

We had such a fun day visiting and we will definitely be back soon to explore some more!

First ponytail ever and I was DYING!!! So stinking cute!

Reese and Gaga!

Her little smirk peeking around my shoulder kills me in this picture:)

Reeses Dress Here!

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