Valentine’s Day Guide for the little ones

Valentine’s Day is one of the best days to celebrate the love that you have for your little people! They will be your forever Valentine and there is nothing better than that! Here is a little his and hers gift guide:)




1.  Bunny Stuffed Animal  We have a thing for JellyCat stuffed animals in our family.  My little sister has been obsessed with them since she was a kid and the tradition lives on! Reese loves them and my sister still gets them as gifts (she is 24) 🙂

2.  Mini Melissa Disney Shoes  Ok When I saw these I just died, they are THE cutest little things I have ever seen! Being an Orlando native, these will be perfect for our frequent Disney visits:) These shoes also smell good! No stinky feet!

3.  Bitsy Ballerina Book  I just thought this was a cute book for a little girl!

4.  Burberry Rain Boots  So these are a bit of a splurge, but how stinkin cute are these?!

5.  Guess How Much I Love You Coloring Book  We have multiple copies of this book in our house and what a great idea for the kiddos who are a  little older and can color one of their favorite books (Reese eats the crayons, but baby steps right?!)

6.  Gold Star Tent  This is such a precious little space for your little one to play in and be creative.  I am so excited to revamp Reese’s room when we get into the new house!

7.  Valentines Socks  Can’t have enough socks!

8.  Floral Dress  Reese lives in little tunic dresses like this.  A little pair of red leggings and you are set to take your munchkin on a date!



1.   Burberry Dress Shirt  Another splurge, but how handsome would your little guy look in this?!

2.  Little Man Onsies  Cute onesies that you can literally put with anything!

3.  Panda Socks Again, you can never have enough socks! And how cute is the little tail on the back?!

4.  Sprinkling Love Set  Looks so comfy and so accurate 🙂

5.  Heart Breaker Top  Speaks for itself! Any baby wearing this IS the ultimate heart breaker!

6.  Wooden Car Seat  Such a cute little set with stimulating primary colors!

7.  Footie Pajamas  There is NOTHING cuter than a baby in footie pajamas! In my opinion:)  Forget the hugs, this kid would being getting kisses allll day!


I could do this all day! Shopping for little kids is so much fun and dangerous for my bank account ha! Hope you enjoyed these and again you can also shop any of these items in the scroll bar down below!



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